Supermarket deception

Vegetables in the raw 

or straight from the ground

We can buy them from the greengrocer but probably not packed and wrapped or generally manhandled as much as in supermarkets. 

Our first example - sprouts - were from a supermarket and unwrapped. 

 It's your choice to buy them in the way you want and enjoy more choice regarding the waste going in the bin or on the compost heap.

Panel 2

In the spirit of food awareness, these "sprout stalks" as they were labelled, were charged at £1.  The balance was virtually equal between the almost-usable sprouts and the stripped stalk. 

 Panel 3



The virtual-balance again, this time 75% in favour of the finally trimmed sprouts and 25% trimmings.

 Panel 4

We have used 3/4 X 1/2 or 0.375 of the original sprouts on the stalk to obtain two portions.  How much have they cost and if originally £1 per kilo, what's the usable cost per kilo?

 Panel 5

When we buy potatoes, cabbage, swede, celeriac, celery etc, we know there will be unusable trimmings and nowhere near the extent of sprout stalks.  We have seen that stalked sprouts are likely to produce waste around the 25% mark.  

Let's move on to look at unnecessarily built-in or left-on waste which needn't be there.  

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