Supermarket deception

Food on the chopping block

or in the operating room 

Which poor beastie did these bones come from?

Wait and see!

Panel 2a

Time to revisit the broccoli  from here. panel 2.

Almost every time we visit a supermarket we see veg such as this.  However, everybody's doin' it.  Even organic food shops  See here and Panel 2, Item  here.


Panel 2b

The stalk has grown longer since if you compare the two.  Let's pull it apart a little.

Panel 3a

Guess what we had for lunch on Christmas Eve 2012.

During the weeks before, various supermarkets were sampled and broccoli was cut before reaching the check-out.  

The shelf price of this piece of broccoli - £2.50/kg is the WYSIWYG  price. The what-you-eat - WYE -  price is easy to work out.

The WYSIWG piece  was originally  priced at £2.50 per kilo.  .  The WYE price is £3.77   Would a BOGOF price help?

Later on, we look at perhaps more representative samples of broccoli.  Also, the matter of some housewives using the trimming for soup. Ensuring that the broccoli etc is dealt with properly the other end of the airmiles will come much later.

Plenty more in the trolley to reveal.  

Your starter for ten here.

 Panel 3b

The name of the supermarket doesn't matter.  Tell me of any which trim all broccoli to sensible size. 

a)  They won't do it.  It's millions of 21p per year in 

          the till.

b)   On National Repricing of Broccoli Day and 

      thereafter, we refuse to buy broccoli.