Supermarket deception

Cut and come again cake 

More home cooking needed in Britain.  More amateur bakers and artisan bread enthusiasts needed to increase the volume of people who actually cook at home.  more

Most websites are operated on the principle of take what you want today and come back for more tomorrow.  This site is no different.  An edible simile goes well with a cuppa!

Panel 2

Now that your thinking about a cuppa and a piece of cake, think again.   We are going to cut through the built-in waste which suppliers force upon us.  

First, though, is the notion of the product which you buy which has its natural waste.  When you buy potatoes you want to peel, you know that there will be peelings to throw away.  It's the same with swede, celeriac and a host more.  

Time to revisit the broccoli  from here. panel 2.  Now that's a different kettle of fish.  This site is being written in the UK in January 2013 and broccoli doesn't grow on trees.  The question "Why do we need to pay for waste broccoli stalks to be flown across the world?"  doesn't occupy many minds which make the choice to buy them.

Included in discussion to come is an answer from a supermarket manager. For the moment, it sits on a trial site I made earlier - here.  See if you can work out the true cost of the usable broccoli.

much more to come on this page