Supermarket deception

The meat on the block 

Let's see what we are dealing with.  

Panel 2 

Panel 3a 

         Panel 3b


Panel 4

It's about WYSIWYG and WYE prices.  If you haven't seen those abbreviations,  they're here, panel 3a 


Panel 5

We'll begin by stripping the cutlets down to what we might eat.

A piece of plastic under the cutlet being "reduced" keeps your board clean for other tasks like laying out the body. 

 Panel 6


 Panel 7

Rather more trimmings than WYE meat.  We started with 315 g.  The weight of the trimmings is 219.3 g.  

Makes you think, doesn't it?

The WYE weight is 95.7 grams.  You paid £7.25 per kg - £2.28 for 315 g.  £23.82 per kg is far more than the original £7.25.

Next for the chop is the lighter and pricier chop itself.  With only a small bone and a bit of fat to remove,even though it is more costly per kg (£12.00) WYSIWYG, we move forward to calculate its WYE price. 

  Panel 8 

 Panel 9

We'll concentrate on the WYE meat.  There's much fewer trimmings than with the cutlets.   

Two reasonable portions on their way to the flames.  

 Panel 10a

The chop - meat to eat.

 Panel 10b

The chop bones and trimmings.  Compare with Panel 6.                                                  The bones alone.

 Panel 11

And now we can compare the cutlets with the chop.




  Panel 12 

The cutlets at the top are smaller than in Panel 5 and for reasons to be seen on the next page.

We're ready to move on to the weights and costings.  

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