Supermarket deception

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  1. We have become accustomed to buying what we want, where we want and when we want it.  We give scant regard to its provenance.  Many of us have grown up assuming that strawberries etc are grown in the UK all year round. That's why the world is on the fork and at the fork's advantage.  Convincing the fork-holder regarding food-sustainability is not the direct concern of this website.

  2. This is not a plea for reducing food-air-miles and other aspects of food-sustainability.  If it is woven into the argument, it is not paramount.  

  3. Food deception today is carried out whenever producers are allowed to get away with it.  And they do.  Who lets them get away with it?  We do.  The law of most resistance is not applied.  The law of least resistance might be looked at in determining our action.  We will come to it later.

  4. How much deception goes on where we buy most of our food - from supermarkets?

  5. How much do we accept?  Do the supermarkets exploit that acceptance?

  6. You would think that porridge and muesli are put together with discerning shoppers in mind.  Think again!

  7. You will see the next item again.

  8. If the focus is to be on supermarkets, the talk MAY progress to dietary health.  In view of the high number of those who are overweight in UK society, for whatever reason, the organisers must decide.