Supermarket deception

 Muesli - the wheat from the chaff

The planned and coordinated food deception within the sector of the market perceived by manufacturers as comprising consumers who look after their health and are, therefore, discriminating. 

 Pertwood Muesli

in TOP 3 of The Times Taste Test

It's official - nuts are not only becoming more and more popular, they are also good for you, and so it seems, is Pertwood Cereal !

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Let's see how it gets on in our session.










See how much fresh air you are buying!












Tip the bag into the box for the real fresh air content.






Let's look at the graphic detail using the Gastronomy Chaff test :



 For £3.69, you put 650 gms in your kitchen cupboard.  One-at-a time bowls of the muesli in the morning rush don't lend themselves to analysis and there are four of them.   A not-too-fine-strainer was used with the result of 25% dust.  Makes you think, doesn't it!


Next stop - Morrisons.










Quite an innocent-looking packet. We'll have some.











Turn it on its head and that's a different matter!












The "Chaff test" produced about a dessertspoonful of dust.  Four bowls from 425 gms for  £1.79.



 We progress to Dorset Cereals. 















 750 gms £3.49













Not quite as much fresh air as some. Filling the box with the cereal is impossible.


There's a similar Dorset product of 820 gms for £2.79 and it says there are 16 bowls from the box. More in due course. (More info, not bowls!) 





At these prices, are we better off with bird nuts? 



The prices per bowl are not shown and will be worked out with the audience. 


Before the session takes place, I will have the final website pages in place, whatever topic is chosen.  Members of the audience with access will be able to see much more than is shown at the session.