Supermarket deception

Porridge or porage 

                 What you see 


                  What you get 

Enough said 

Or is it?  You buy 1 kg of oats from Scott.  In the Oat So Simple box, you buy 10  times 32.5 g.  

On 3 January 2013, Scott's Oats are 19.9p per 100g at Morrison's.  Oat So Simple weighs in at 63.4p per 100 g on the same page.  However, it may not be the Quaker brand - will check.  There's more calculations to make re buy-two aspects.  No more at this stage as the situation changes.

If you want cinnamon-flavoured porridge, buy the oats and add cinnamon.  30g is enough for at least 30 portions and it's about £1 a packet.  I'll check how much it is at Morrison's.