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Supermarket shop secrets 

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As food prices rise, what's the best way to reduce your weekly bill at the supermarket? Channel 4 Dispatches conducts a nationwide fruit and veg experiment to find out if you could save money by heading to the market stall, the shop next door, or even just a different branch of the same supermarket down the road.

Reporter Tazeen Ahmad investigates the startling rise of supermarket convenience stores, and asks: are we paying a fair price for on-your-doorstep convenience, or are we being taken for a ride?

Fruit and veg is being especially hard hit by food price rises, and we're now eating less and less of the good stuff.



Perhaps more permanent is the reporter's account:


Reporter Tazeen Ahmad writes about the making of Secrets of Your Supermarket Shop.

As a busy working mum I shop for convenience but want the little people I live with to eat healthily. Every week, I throw in the greens, get the fruit my kids like and follow a rule from my own childhood that the shopping basket be at least a quarter full of fresh produce. Then like most people I get to the till and cringe inwardly at how much it all costs. If only I had the time to price check, I wonder as I pack my bags, would I get better value for money?