Supermarket deception and our culpability


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The site is under construction and its readership is by invitation only.

The site looks at the deception perpetrated within the supermarket sale of food and drink in the UK.  While it is shown that such deception prevails across the board, as we buy most of our food from supermarkets, that's where this site focuses.

The site serves two main purposes.  As a resource for general readers and for those who organise talks.

The site looks to the reader to provide the solution to the problems created by supermarkets which claim to respond to consumer demand.

A vicious circle indeed!
Alan F Harrison (Prof)

3 January 2013 - under construction since

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A seemingly-bold assertion, perhaps.  Not quite enough room for "Less than you thought you'd paid for." and the largest trolley was chosen.


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 Readers who started earlier are now acquainted with an important strand of the debate within this website. Our love of an easy life has led to the acceptance of supermarkets being the mainstay of filling our larders and the task of putting food on the table. 

  1. The use of the word "larders", however, is generous.  It's from a previous age.  Once the contents of the supermarket trolley are brought home, food cupboards and the deepfreeze  in the modern household are ungenerous.  That dictates frequent visits to the supermarket. Today's shopper is easily seduced into buying more than is needed and was intended on a particular trip.

  2. The words " ... and our culpability" only appear on this page and the one on blame.  The seesaw is balanced equally.  Supermarkets exploit our side of the seesaw.  We're the ones who push the trollies around.  Supermarkets push us around and we take it.
  3. The growth in the reliance on food banks is another factor in the overall debate concerning feeding the nation. More, for example here and much more here. here  While it is best that food bank users are not deceived by supermarkets, it  is not the concern of this website.

  4.  Another strand of the debate is the simple notion that supermarkets are not the sole source of our food.  Others outside the supermarket network perpetrate similar approaches to that taken by supermarkets.  Some small businesses are no different.  There is another seesaw in the situation.  The supermarket weight one end leaves us in  mid-air with nowhere else to go.

  5. The answer is a difficult one for most of us to accept.  Persuading sufficient shoppers to look wider afield is not going to be easy.  

  6. On a practical note, the words in the nav panel will get shorter as one or two pages are added.  Otherwise and they form a second row which spreads across the graphics.  Anyone with a shorter word for "Masquerade" - answers on a postcard, please.

  7. The Contact page is in the last section and not in the nav panel as you have just been reading. 

  8. Don't be surprised if the title "Conclusion" suddenly becomes "End".