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Welsh gastronomy

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A Community Food Project for S E Wales


"A basic rice diet can be seen in some form or other in India, China, Indonesia and Japan." W K Bode, above.

"England and America are two countries separated by the same language." Bernard Shaw here.

"India, China, Indonesia and Japan are four countries separated by their versions of the same fried rice."   source see Southern Belt here  .

It might result in an amuse bouche.  Source - end of page here.




Welsh rarebit


Welsh rarebit (called Welsh rabbit in some versions) used to be served by the Edwardians as a savoury – a course to be tucked under the straining waistband just after pudding. If you cool this rarebit on a cake rack (to keep the toast crisp), remove the crusts and slice the rarebit into little squares, it also makes a great canapé when speared on a toothpick with a cherry tomato.



Vive la difference a la Delia ici

On the left - Croque Monsieur

This is my version of the toasted cheese and ham sandwich of café society fame, and just thinking about it and imagining atmospheric, crowded pavement cafés makes me long to be in Paris and eat it there. But, that not being possible, it's one of the nicest snack meals for one that I know.

Delia Smith



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