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Water plus whatever else can be added to it 

Page created on 7 March 2013 and under construction.  It is another page within the "you decide" category.  Supermarkets sell these products as do health centres, gymnasia etc.  Any deception consideration lies with the manufacturer.  If the supermarket endorses it, that is another matter.  

I attend a seven-week, 2.5 hrs/week course for unpaid carers.  Two bottles were given to taste.  So far, my wife and I have tasted Ensure Plus juce without a named fruit included in the label.  First and last time.  We progressed(?) to Ensure Plus - Milkshake Style  specifically hereFirst and last time. 

Blue text = from the Internet:

Adverse effects - edited

Adverse effects of Juice Plus have been mentioned in three studies.  Monitoring of adverse effects was reported in other published Juice Plus studies. The first of these studies (in 2000) reported adverse effects (upper-respiratory tract, urinary, and musculoskeletal) in roughly a third of the participants who took the products for 7 days; these events resolved spontaneously and were deemed unlikely to have derived from use of Juice Plus. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center noted that in the second of these studies, some subjects who took Orchard Blend and Garden Blend developed a hive-like rash. In the third study, from 2007, some subjects withdrew due to gastrointestinal distress, possibly caused by the Juice Plus regimen (a combination of Orchard Blend, Garden Blend, and Vineyard Blend).  In addition a medical case report was published in which Juice Plus was identified as the probable cause of liver toxicity (hepatic inflammation) in a 51-year old female patient with endometrial cancer. The liver injury was reversed upon discontinuation of Juice Plus. Wiki


As Juice Plus products are intended to complement your diet, you should never rely solely on them for a source of nutrition. A well-balanced diet containing fruits and vegetables is highly recommended in addition to this supplement. As with any supplemental product you consume, stop taking it and consult your doctor if you experience any problems. source

Read about Ensure Plus here.  What it says about its products is here.  

One consumer says:

Why drink Ensure? 

Why indeed. I cannot think of a good reason for any healthy individual to drink this, ahem, liquid.

To say that Ensure Plus is sweet is like saying Jack Daniels has alcohol content. It is sickeningly sweet, best described as drinking melted ice cream or pudding that never quite set. While the liquid runs as milk would, the sweetness makes it feel thick going down. The smell is unlike anything I have experienced - not really milk like, not quite medicinal. Somewhere in between. 

That said...
I would never drink Ensure (Plus or any other version) out of my own choice. Drinking a meal simply is not me and the taste is something I would not tolerate. However, the nutrients contained within these cans cannot be argued with (although three cans are suggested in order to maintain weight and truly supplement a lack of food intake). This is the only brand my oncologist recommended and upon further reading I noticed that it is said to be the "#1 Doctor Recommended". I take such things with a grain of salt, but it is worth noting.

I have been able to maintain my weight after starting a program which includes Ensure Plus! I'll be glad when it's no longer necessary, but in the long (and short) run I am sure drinking the Ensure is a bit better than the feeding tube I was promised had my weight not stabilized.   more

Let's look at:

However, the nutrients contained within these cans cannot be argued with.

Here they are:


Vitamin A IU 25
Vitamin C mg 50
Vitamin D IU 25
Vitamin E IU 25
Vitamin K mcg 25
Thiamin (B1) mg 25
Riboflavin (B2) mg 25
Niacin (B3) mg 25
Vitamin B6 mg 25
Folate,Folic Acid,Folacin mcg 25
Vitamin B12 mcg 25
Biotin mcg 25
Pantothenic acid mg 25
Calcium mg 20
Iron mg 25
Phosphorus mg 20
Iodine mcg 25
Magnesium mg 25
Zinc mg 25
Selenium mcg 25
Copper mg 25
Manganese mg 60
Chromium mcg 25
Molybdenum mg 50
Chloride mg 15 

Some of these will be looked at to gain the essential material for assessment. example before comment


when I couldn't eat much of anything. I think I found that Ultraslim Fast had more nutrition. source

Ultraslim Fast shake here  More later.

Weight loss simply requires you burn more calories per day than you consume. Unless contraindicated by a health condition, you don't have to give up your favorite foods to lose weight. Instead, they must be consumed in moderation. Sustained weight loss requires more than a diet; it requires a lifestyle change. A healthy lifestyle includes regular exercise* and a balanced diet. Consult a dietitian if you are struggling to develop a weight loss plan you can live with.

* one reason fr using such products is if one is restricted by extreme disability

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  On December 3, 2009 Slim Fast issued a recall of all products in cans due to possible bacterial contamination.  The company stated that it halted production until the cause was discovered.   Wiki