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HPM201: Hospitality Operations Managemen

This module includes the delivery and assessment of planning and operational management issues such as; food production methods; the branding and theming of hospitality services and products; menu costing and pricing techniques; consumer trends and the meal experience; aesthetics and service; beverage management; gastronomy.

Lectures 12%,
Group discussions 6%,
Visits 2%,
Practical workshops 60%,
Assessment work 20%

Kevin Fields      profile

Course Leader

After graduating in Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management, Kevin worked at the National Exhibition Centre before spending several years as a Consultant. Kevin has also worked as the Course Leader for Hospitality and Food Management. Kevin’s main research interests are on the food side of hospitality. For three years he chaired the Atlas Gastronomy research group, consisting of 40 academics from 15 countries. He has presented many papers at international conferences and is currently editing a book on Food


Hospitality Management (Single Honours Degree) Course Map

EVM301: The Politics And Economics Of Large-Scale Events

Events Management (Single Honours Degree) Course Map

Andrew Bradley - no profile? 



HPM231: Managing Restaurant Businesses

This module explores the operational management, unit design and planning and the factors that influence these. It also identifies the contemporary food and social trends that influence the meal experience and the customer service encounter.

This module uses theoretical perspectives to examine the range of products and service expectations of customers. This will be achieved through the study of legislative, social, political and economic influences on what and why we eat. This includes an investigation of the influence of cultural differences on food provision and consumption. The module further investigates the importance of managing customer service and resource productivity in the context of a wide range of types of restaurant/service and their effects of unit design and service provision.

Is this connected? - Student training restaurant on site.  Is sustainability built in to HPM231?  Curriculum  again 

John Lannon - Active learning. 

Name: John Lannon
Brief Context: The project is seeking to discover how sports event organisers engage with ethics when choosing sponsorship partners and how their personal values influence the decision and how organisational influences impact upon their decisions.
Research Methodology/Methods: A qualitative approach is being taken to this project, in the form of semi-structured interviews.
Other Interests: Pedagogic research, in particular the effectiveness of operational modules in a management context.


 Food and Nutrition 


Green retail food    mine


MBA Hospitality


TRM204: Managing Across Cultures

This module introduces students to the influences of culture on both organisations and their management style and also matters concerning consumer demand and behaviour. It highlights the significance of cultural protocol in the operation and management of businesses in the Leisure industries.

1d) Analyse the significance of culture in consumer decision making and patterns of consumption for members of different international societies

Angela Kalisch


HPM204: Wines And Spirits  To be confirmed

This module studies in depth the wide range of products available in restaurants, bars and similar outlets. The module seeks to provide students with vocational training in product knowledge of wines, spirits and other alcoholic beverages. The content is similar to the syllabus of the Wine and Spirit Education Trust's Intermediate Certificate course for which examination students are entered. A fee to cover tasting samples, field trip, course materials and external examination is payable upon commencement. Price on application to Short Courses Office.

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Culture, Outdoor Learning and Sustainability – International Perspectives  here.