Supermarket deception

Talk format 

  1. It is entirely interactive and the audience can ask questions and make comment at any time.  The progression to a fresh aspect means that more info is put forward.  I then ask questions about it and invite comment.

  2. Ideally, there will be a very large screen and I will outline an idea.  One follows, but organisers can shape the talk to their requirements

  3. There will be a table, chopping board, knives etc for dissecting, say, a lamb cutlet.  

  4. The unusable proportion  is demonstrated (70% - see Panel 12 here).  

  5. The cost of the cutlet is now calculated re the usable part.  

  6. The resulting cost is compared with the the original cost per kilogram of the original cutlet.  More than one food item is used to demonstrate various aspects of real prices. 

  7. Other food/packaging will demonstrate the deception considerations.

  8. The talk MAY progress to dietary health.  In view of the high number of those who are overweight in UK society for whatever reason, the organisers must decide.