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Royal food - notes to an editor    only Ross Gazette and Hereford Times

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I will be playing my new bagpipe tune"Salute to Queen and Country" on Monday 4 June in Ross and for the Queen in Hereford on 11 July. (I am not mentioned on that website.)


This section collects material relevant to the food and dishes etc enjoyed by Queen Elizabeth II and her predecessor, Queen Elizabeth I.  The latter material is easier to locate.   Contact has been made with Zaki Cooper at  the Palace Press Office to ensure the protocols are observed. A previous call to the office revealed that no info is issued on HM food likes and dislikes. I asked Mr Cooper for 'insider info' re Palace menus.  None forthcoming.  


There are three more pages in this section:


  • Elizabethan Food and Drink     An outline article    
  • Elizabeth 1                                  Other resources
  • Queen Elizabeth II                       Other resources