Supermarket deception

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As a posssible start , this page begins with a look at several countries.  A UK-based look at national gastronomy could follow. 


Eating may be regarded not only as a physiological function in maintaining life, but also as an experience that plays a significant role in establishing relationships between members of society. source    source 2  Do you have provision to read this on your library computers?


Unfortunately in later times, the tendency to judge food solely by what it looks like has increased. Almost everywhere in the modern world,  taste and aroma are demoted in favor of stylistic architecture, people no longer savor and appreciate the joy and satisfaction of eating and the entertaining and pleasant conversations over the dinner table seem to have disappeared entirely. 

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Reflect on these statements in the context of your tourism experience. Then proceed to Influences


Optional extra

Consider the relationship between the tourist, the provider and the host communityMore.  Then proceed to Influences.