Supermarket deception

Broadly speaking 

My pet subject is gastronomy.  In the present context, it looks at the ways in which different nations view food and drink.  The French wouldn't think twice about tasting the grapes in the supermarket.  Here, they're often in sealed boxes or bags.  Nobody munches the bunches in Britain!

And there's more to it than that.  How often do Brits examine food labels?  How much water are they buying with their fish and meat?  As the French might ask, "Do we eat to live or live to eat,?".  Let's live to eat and vive la difference.

There's plenty of difference within UK society.  It's enough at this stage to distinguish between those who buy food wisely and those who don't.  Within the former group,some will buy the right food nutritionally speaking.  That doesn't mean that they are any the wiser regarding the tricks which supermarkets and other suppliers get up to.  While gastronomy might attend to who is better than whom at making food choices, this website addresses those who are keen to learn  more about the ways in which the nation is deceived by suppliers.  As supermarket far exceeds the critical mass (more like this than this or this) of the smaller suppliers, the site focuses on the former.


The talk will begin with a look at food adulteration since time began.  It progresses to a very brief overview of the law before providing two modern examples of its contravention.  Neither aspect has been started on the website.

From there, we look at the modern household food purchasing patterns in the context of food deception and if thought appropriate, discussion of the state of the nation's health.