Supermarket deception

Influences      Why do Brits queue to eat fish and chips in Spain? 

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Influences on Gastro-Tourism and Influences of Gastro-Tourism.  No link for the second item as Google does not distinguish between them at first sight.

Set out your thoughts on the differences.

Gastronomy Tourism yields a different result in which you find that wine is on the menu mainly comprising Gastro-Tourism. 


Why does  this   situation   occur?    How strong are the Influences of Gastro-Tourism?  Distinguish between consumer and provider.


Jimmy's Kitchen was opened many years ago when it was almost impossible to get Western food in Hong Kong. For this reason the service and the price matched five restaurants for "fish and chips".    source


Were you to tour Kenya and neighbouring countries, you will hear of "Carnivores" restaurant in Nairobi.                                                   


The attraction [?] is eating some of what you have seen from the safety of the safari vehicle.  When you arrive at Carnivores, you choose impala impaled on a kebab skewer.  Many animals of the bush can adorn your plate.   ...  The next day, you move on to the Serengeti.  You were an itinerant visitor to Carnivores. ...  You enjoyed a full meal and would recommend it to your friends.   source  Carnivores  more


What opportunities exist in your country for the development of gastro-tourism and what would be the outcome?  Should the impala replace the header picture?